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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Seedlings.....does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
I successfully germinated some lupin seeds but they all seem to be dying off and I dont know are two that I have left.




you are the second person to say this. my first thought is are they inside? if so I suspect that it is too warm and dry for them.
I ususally start mine off in spring.
pop them in a cool well lit sheltered area. a cold frame would be ideal.
they will die back to a growth point just under the soil. watch out for slugs in the spring.

21 Nov, 2020


Lupins thrive well in the wild up in Canada. They should be dormant now.

21 Nov, 2020


They look like they are suffering from too little light, and too much warmth.

22 Nov, 2020


Thank you, they were out in my greenhouse but I brought them inside as they seemed to be struggling, I will pop them back outside again and hope for the best. 🤞🏻

24 Nov, 2020


as said Andrea at this time of year they would be dying back any way. keep them barely damp over the winter in the greenhouse.

24 Nov, 2020


Lupins are interesting plants. They fix nitrogen in the soil for plants growing around them and they are one of the first plants to spring up after a forest fire has decimated the land. Here is an article with lots of useful and interesting information about lupins. They always revert back to blue.

24 Nov, 2020


Thanks , I’ll give that a read. I have lots of lupins that give a splendid display each year, I think they will die off before they eventually revert to blue 😏

25 Nov, 2020


If it was me, I would be planting the seeds a couple of weeks before last frost, in the place where they are to grow. Failing that, I would be growing them in a gritty, chunky mix, much like cactus mix, in cool conditions, and probably with artificial light, since that species is hard wired to grow in lengthening days.

25 Nov, 2020

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