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Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Bit confused?
I haven’t been on here for a while due to caring for my nearly 99 yr old Mum, I looked in my private messages & there’s 116 of them that have made me their favourite but looking at most of them they haven’t joined in with us all & no pics, it concerns me & haven’t replied as seems a bit suspicious? Has anyone else had these? Jackie x



I don't think there's anything you can do if someone chooses you as a favourite, but you don't have to have them as favourites yourself.
You can delete their messages if you like but you will still be on their favourites list, however they can't see your private messages or your email address etc,
I think the only thing you can do is ignore them if they contact you.

22 Nov, 2020


i agree with Hywel,
just ignore them if you don't want to add them to your favs list. It doesn't add anything to your use of the site.
If you add people as your favs then if you want to send them a pm it is like an easier access address book.

22 Nov, 2020


116? I don't think we have that many members on here. I'd be surprised. Sounds like spam.

22 Nov, 2020


There are 5492 pages of members with 10 per page. Lot of members but this goes back to the begining, 2007. Not sure if they're still all on here though, and yes, I've got a lot of time to kill!

22 Nov, 2020


They surely aren't. I only see the same few members on here all the time.

22 Nov, 2020


Hello lady Essex, this happened to me also last week, I did not get 116 but just one, the name of the person is strange and have never heard of them before on here, it’s a bit unnerving, as I don’t fully understand all this techno stuff, I clicked on it and it was someone adding me as a favourite, my wife as given me rollicking, and told me not to click on anything I don’t understand.

22 Nov, 2020


There are tons of one time and spam members. Just click on the "members" on top left. They are the ones with computer generated name (seems like ) and they do not register to share gardening idea.

23 Nov, 2020


Thanks for all you help, I’ve deleted them as I’ve never heard of them on here, it was just a load of mixed up letters & think it’s funny people mucking about? xx

23 Nov, 2020


That's what I thought it was - garbage. It should be brought to Dave's attention and deleted.

24 Nov, 2020


If you look at the "new members" list that appears every day you'll see loads of spurious ones, some advertising their websites and some doing nothing but apparently amusing themselves by being silly. Just ignore them. There is only one "proper" one today and all the rest are rubbish. Even the "proper" ones often don't join in at all but who knows, they may enjoy just looking.

29 Nov, 2020

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