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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I've bought a small Gaultheria to plant in a pot, but also have a Cineraria Ivy Violas and Crocuses to put in the same pot.
I think Gaultheria likes ericaceous soil but I am wondering if the other plants will tolerate it or should I not plant them together ?



I don't think the others are too bothered Hywel. Though having said that I dont grow Cineraria.

25 Nov, 2020


Thanks Seaburngirl, I have looked up what soil Cineraria requires and it doesn't mind as long as it is free draining.

25 Nov, 2020


I have a slightly acid soil and most things don't mind growing in it. The only two that I haven't been able to get going are artemisia and pulsatilla

25 Nov, 2020


I don't know the pH of my soli but around here I think it is generally acid to neutral because in the old days people used to put lime on their gardens.
However I can grow Pulsatilla here. I've never tried Artimisia though.

26 Nov, 2020


I didn't know they liked ericaceous compost. I bought four one year and potted them on into multipurpose. I lost 2 after a year but the other 2 have kept going, happily for 3 years now, blooming and berrying. Having learnt this I will pot them on into ericaceous next time, so thank you!

26 Nov, 2020


You're welcome. I hope they do well for you now.

27 Nov, 2020

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