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Has anyone grown tomatoes indoors over winter in the UK? I have just bought some LED grow lights with a view to trying this out. I'd love to hear from you if you have been successful with toms or indeed anything else that you would normally grow outside in summer.



that sounds like an interesting experiment but I haven't done it at home.

whilst at work we did, well 6th formers did. the hardest part was getting the temperature right really and kept high enough at night. the plants flowered but the fruit was disappointing. Sweet peppers did a bit better. their conclusion was too costly for the amount of food produced.

i'd be interested to see how you get on.

26 Nov, 2020


Thanks for your reply, Seaburngirl. I'll certainly keep you informed if I can find the thread. You didn't say whether you got fewer toms than expected or that they weren't as big. Perhaps both? I have read not to expect them to be as big as you would normally grow them but we shall see!

27 Nov, 2020


both Joan. the growth was difficult mainly due to temperature fluctuations. The led lights/ red/uv wavelengths that we used were on all the time.

27 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear that, Seaburngirl. Thanks for staying with me. Did you have the lights on red or blue? I think it should be red from what I can make out but this is going to be a bit of an experiment I can see. I have put two Moneymaker in. Can I ask which toms you used? Can I ask which peppers you used too? I also grow chillies and have some in the freezer right now. I seem to have more success with cayenne than any of the others.

28 Nov, 2020


the led grow lights we had produced light from both ends of the spectrum as that is what the plants use.
tomatoes were Shirley and a cherry that may have been sungold.
peppers were a typical bell pepper with no particular varietal name. seed was probably from wilko/aldi

28 Nov, 2020


Thanks again, Seaburngirl. I hope to be able to get back with some positive news. In the meantime, thanks for the tip about the bell peppers. Mine always come out small but I might give them a try over winter!

29 Nov, 2020

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