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I was given a lovely white Christmas Cactus in a pot a week ago, I have it in a N.E facing bay window on a table about 2/3 feet away from a coolish radiator....compost moistish to touch...but buds & existing flowers are falling!
Too warm, too wet?? Help.



I have had lots that have reacted that way in the past, usually after they have been moved to a new position. Flowers have often fallen off when taken into the home fresh from buying: I surmised it was because of the shock of the move. All of mine settled down well eventually.

30 Nov, 2020


Very common with new purchases, nothing you have done, its just change of atmosphere that does it, from coddled growers greenhouse to retailer to you

It can even happen with one you've had for years, just by turning it around or moving to another room, they do say don't move them once buds have formed

They don't need it too moist, mine are neglected, one bakes in full sun and the other is in a dull corner
Both survive & flower year after year, water when I think about it, every month or so

I'm sure once this season is over next Christmas will see it back to it's glory

30 Nov, 2020


Agree the flower buds just hate it if you turn the plant round. They try to grow towards the light and after the buds are a certain size they are unable to adjust to a new direction. I haven't found watering (or not) has that effect - if they get dry they tend to just sit there waiting for the next drink. (Incidentally next year withhold water for a month or so in the autumn, and then as soon as you soak it again the new flower buds will appear.)
In the wild they grow in crevices in trees and are very tolerant of irregular watering.

30 Nov, 2020


It is the shortening of days and long cool nights which tell the plant it's time to flower. Anything that disrupts the natural cycle will cause bud drop. Being too close to the radiator and if you have it near a lamp or artificial light source will also cause bud drop. I just put one in my front porch where it gets only indirect natural light and away from any heat source and it's buds are starting to open. I'll post a pic when it's in full glory.

When you disrupt the natural cycle of the seasons, the plant becomes stressed and drops its buds. Short days + long cool dark nights = flowers.

When it comes to watering, less is more. Keep the soil slightly moist & let it dry completely between waterings. Don't feed the plant until early spring when it resumes active growth. It needs a rest for Jan, Feb & March.

30 Nov, 2020

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