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By Sirwolf

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know what sort of Bee or Wasp is shown in the attached photos? A few weeks ago we had loads of them all over our Fatshedera Lizei bush. My wife was stung on the leg by one and it was painful for a day or so then itched for a day or two more, there was no sting left in, which indicates it was a wasp, but I don't know if they congregate in large numbers as we saw them (hundreds all over the plant) The sting showed as only a very small red mark.
We would appreciate any information.

Bee_wasp_1 Bee_wasp_2 Bee_wasp_6



well it is a wasp, you can tell by the narrow waist and the patterns on its abdomen. There are several species of uk wasp and a proper id would need a clear photo of its face and abdominal patterns/banding.

On milder winter days they will happily feed on ivy and Fatshedera flowers.

just out of interest not all bees have a strongly barbed stingers meaning they can sting several times.

10 Dec, 2020


Thanks very much for the information.

11 Dec, 2020

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