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Epidendrum pruning?

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I've recently taken on a scruffy, neglected reed-stemmed Epidendrum orchid. Lots of leafless but not dead stems. How should I prune it to bring it back into shape? What would be proper maintenance pruning in the future? It's not showing much new growth, now, due to the cool weather, but I think that I have improved the watering and feeding.

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You are right, they tend to take a break over the cooler months but still need to be watered and fed. They are thirsty plants so don't hold back on watering. As far as pruning goes, I wouldn't just yet. When it resumes new growth, it will show you what needs to be pruned if anything at all. The spikes can often rebloom and/or produce keikis. The keikis don't always come true especially with hybrids. Sounds like it just needs a little TLC.

21 Dec, 2020


I rescued my eldest daughter's very sad epidendrum that has 4 canes about 20 inches long growing at all funny angles last year. I re-potted it in fresh compost to see how it perked up and with regular watering the canes plumped up. The most wayward cane was cut back to 6 inches and 2 new shoots started to grow. They were tied to sticks to 'train' them straight, with a little bit of success. no flowers as yet though.

21 Dec, 2020


Thank you, friends!
Orchids are tougher than their reputation, but every genus has its quirks, and this is my first time trying to bring an Epidendrum back myself. I've been watering it every time the medium dries out to a depth of 1/2 inch, and gave it a half strength dose of a 20-5-10, urea free orchid food, and it has plumped up, and the stems and few leaves have turned a deeper green. I didn't want to do any cutting until early spring, anyway. I know that pruning off the leafless, but still unshrivelled, stems of Dendrobiums weakens the plant, since they store food for the rest of the plant, and I couldn't find any info on whether Epidendrums were the same way.
Happy holidays to all of you! ยบ<;{)D

21 Dec, 2020


hi tug when I embarked on Elizabeth's I couldn't find anything about pruning, it was all about care . So I just went for it so to speak. Using common self really.

21 Dec, 2020

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