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My Eucalyptus tree is leaning towards my house. Should I keep it pruned, nice and neat at a manageable height! Or cut it down! Kind regards. Paul

On plant Eucalyptus

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did you have a question Paul?

22 Dec, 2020


Hi Seaburngirl. yes, I've updated my question now. The website was throwing up error messages. I think my pictures were to big.

22 Dec, 2020


They do grow very quick, so if it were me then I would keep it to a manageable height rather than let it get to big and become an expensive job if you were to get a tree surgeon in, try and do it so it looks natural by taking a few of the bigger branches out and to keep it looking balanced, reduce some of the leaders at different heights so it looks like it’s not been pruned rather than giving it a rounded haircut, eucalyptus respond very well to hard/ renovation pruning if the tree were to be cut down which I am not suggesting then it would send up many long shoots and could be left to become a smallish shrub with careful pruning to keep it in shape, this method I have used for clients who do flower arranging as eucalyptus is much prized.

22 Dec, 2020


All the above, keep it manageable height. I found to my dismay they don't have deep roots and can blow over being evergreen and winter winds

They do respond well to a haircut though

23 Dec, 2020


Hi Paul, I have to agree. We had a eucalyptus tree for many years, it grew and grew and grew...we did anchor it and it did seem to lean away from the house. I’d definitely keep it a small tree if you can. Much more manageable.
We took a chainsaw to ours a few years back.
When it was pruning time in past years. OH used to climb up the tree with his loppers and we’d communicate with Walkie talkies - I’d be trying to direct him from an upstairs window on where to prune or chop!
I tried to kill it off many times, to OH’s dismay. Eventually he caved and we chopped it down.
My parents and one in their front garden and retained it as a very small shrub/tree.
Ps. Your garden looks lovely, very immaculate lawn.

23 Dec, 2020


Thank you so much for all your reply’s. 17th Mar 2021, I will give it a prune and haircut. With my ‘Henchman Ladders’, loppers and pruners. I’d love to just let it grow! But that could become costly if it had to come down. Thank you again. Kind regards, Paul

24 Dec, 2020


Be wary of the roots they are not deep but will spread along just under the soil

1 Jan, 2021


Thank you Whixalllad, I’ll keep an eye on that. One root leader grew under the artificial grass a few years ago . I felt it with my foot. I managed to cut it back. I’ve had none since growing under, but do wonder where they’re growing. Not as bad as black bamboo rhizomes but still a worry.

1 Jan, 2021

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