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What is 'a run away bride?'



She's someone on her way to Gretna Green Feverfew :D

Or she's a type of Hydrangea ...

31 Dec, 2020


Think that was a ‘Julia Roberts’ film, Josee! ☺️
Or as Hywel said, a lovely hydrangea!

31 Dec, 2020


I think Feverfew is referring to a question from a new member Diana. She said she had been bought a runaway bride.

it is a hydrangea.

31 Dec, 2020


Eileen, not sure if you realised Hywel and I had injected a little humour into the question/answer. Thought it was appropriate at these times. :-)

1 Jan, 2021


I had indeed :o) both your answers made me smile
but others looking at the question may not have seen the original.
I'd forgotten about the film and I know my eldest girl has it on dvd I must ask her if I can borrow it.

1 Jan, 2021


That makes sense, Eileen!
A bit of nostalgia, can’t beat it! Escapism at it’s best. Especially during these times...

1 Jan, 2021


Thank you for enlightening me. I haven't heard of either the Hydrangea or the film. Will look out for both in future.

1 Jan, 2021


You can now get Runaway Bride in pink as well as white. I've just seen one in a new catalogue.

7 Jan, 2021

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