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Is Butcher's Broom good for wildlife?



I don't know, either, Merlinbabydog! OK if I "piggyback" to find out?

1 Jan, 2021


its a non native plant in the UK though well established especially in the south and whilst the female plant does provide berries for the birds it doesn't produce large numbers of them.

it grows well in deep shade so does provide some shelter as it is evergreen. It can send up suckers so that is also to consider.

So is it good for wildlife? Well it doesn't provide as many berries as other shrubs but it doesn't impoverish the soil as others might.
I cant find any reference to it being a good food source for butterflies and moths.

1 Jan, 2021


Thanks SBG and I'm pleased that my question interests you Tug. I couldn't find the answer on the internet but as always, our dear SBG has the knowledge.
It doesn't seem to be great for wildlife. What attracted me was that it grows in deep shade. Don't think I'll bother with it.

3 Jan, 2021


I must admit i'd considered it but then didn't as the lack of flowers/berries didn't make it as appealing. I went with herbaceous perennials instead with sarcococa as it flowers in winter and provides nectar for those winter flying insects.

4 Jan, 2021


SBG, I bought a sarcocca online in November and it is a good size. I absolutely love the confusa and am so glad I got it. It's currently in a pot but will plant in spring.

11 Jan, 2021

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