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I love blossom, and have three cherry trees in my front garden. But it would be wonderful to have blossom at knee height! Please could you suggest any white and pink flowers which would give a frothy effect. Thanks.



there is perennial gypsophillia that comes in pink and white forms.
then there are annuals such as cosmos, nigella [also pink forms].
Cleome might be a little too tall but worth considering.

19 Jan, 2021


Thanks Eileen. I love the idea of gypsophilia - nice and frothy - and I think I might have some Cleome seeds somewhere. Good thinking!

20 Jan, 2021


My first thought was of gypsophila, too. How about the lovely double Geranium Pratense 'Laura'? I also thought of pink or white lavatera but maybe the flowers aren't small enough for the effect you're after.

21 Jan, 2021


Thanks Ange. I do like lavatera, but the shrub would be too big for my front garden. The Geranium is a great idea, and I have just seen a photo of Stocks in The English Garden magazine, so will look out for seeds of those too 🙂.

21 Jan, 2021


I was thinking of the Musk Mallow: malva moschata which comes in both colours and self-seeds. Sorry, put the misnaming down to a senior moment!

21 Jan, 2021


Ah, well, they’re very alike Ange, and now that you’ve reminded me I love that Malva moschata Alba and it seeds itself everywhere. A good one!

Btw I asked this question on Gardeners Question Time years ago and they came up with Tiarella, so I ought to look for that as well.

21 Jan, 2021


Ooo - 'fame at last' as they say.
I have tiarella, put it in the shadiest position (not in the dark!) and it's half-hearted. It's a shame because I love it but it's not so keen on me!

21 Jan, 2021


🙂 by the way - should have said - I like your new Avatar.

21 Jan, 2021

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