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I have this tree in a view from our house and it puts a beautiful show in every January. Full of yellow catkins and I'd like to know what it is. The only plant I know which sends the catkins out in January is a hazel (Corylus avellana). I took a picture of the bark with a large zoom so its not an ideal. I have never seen a hazelnut but we have lots of squirrels and jays around. Any suggestions?
Is it hazel?

Catkins Bark



Looks very much like the Hazel in our garden. We never get any fruit on it either. The nuts are taken when still green.

23 Jan, 2021


Have a close look at the branchlets - you should be able to find some of the tiny red female flowers.
There's one at the top of our drive and it has loads of catkins but we very rarely see any nuts.

23 Jan, 2021


The one on the edge of our garden is a 25 feet tall tree.

24 Jan, 2021


yes I also think it is hazel going by the bark.

24 Jan, 2021

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