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The last few days have been mild, the birds are singing beautifully. It makes me wonder if I can now prune roses and other shrubs. I’m sorely tempted but......we are due for a cold snap so should I?



we apparently are due for more snow. If you have to reduce them to prevent wind damage then reduce them by half and then go for a final prune in late March.

5 Feb, 2021


No no no, don't prune yet. I'm saying this because I've been side blinded by a brutal winter storm that lasted for 3 days. We were having mild weather, then boom! A blast from the north! It's not unusual for this to happen. I just wasn't expecting it but we got hit quickly and violently. Best to check for your last expected frost date for your area, then plan around that date.

5 Feb, 2021


Thank you both. My instincts were saying ‘don’t do it’ but the rest of me wanted to get out in the garden. The ground is very wet though so treading on the borders wouldn’t be a good idea.

So I’m leaving the pruning till next month.

6 Feb, 2021


This from the folks at Anthony Tesselaar Plants who brought you Dahpne Perfume Princess ....

Perfume Princess is an extremely vigorous growing variety and thus needs to have plenty of food so that the foliage doesn’t go pale or drop and this will only get worse as the plant tries to flower (partly because it is stressed as well as timing).

You can use chelated iron to green up the foliage but we would recommend a good liquid fertilizer. Check with your local garden centre for available brands suitable for Daphne.

We suggest that you wait on moving the plant until it has recovered some and then plant in the better weather of Spring. Daphne Perfume Princess is a particularly strong variety that should cope OK with being moved.
Happy Gardening!

8 Feb, 2021

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