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Orchids.......I am sure this question has been asked and answered many times, so please forgive me.
I was given a beautiful phelenopsis orchid in August for my birthday, and about 4 weeks ago it lost the last of its flowers.
I have cut back one of the flowering stems and continue to water it once a week. Some of the leaves are looking very sorry for themselves. Any help to get it flowering again would be appreciated. Should I cut these leaves off and cut back the other stem?

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After flowering they take a rest for a few months, then should start sending up new flower stalks. Don't cut the leaves off; they are still green and nourishing the plant. It looks like mechanical damage. Let the roots dry completely between waterings then water with a little orchid food. In nature, they grow under the canopy so dappled indirect light for these. Don't be quick to cut the stems off. If the stems remain green, they may bloom again.

18 Feb, 2021


Thank you

19 Feb, 2021
this is the advice from the RHS.
I didn't know that a cool period for about 4 weeks stimulates flowering but not that much cooler 5C lower will trigger it. The relatively low temp in our house obviously does that as ours are re-flowering again. They recommend that in winter you reduce watering but do not let the surface roots dry out totally, which makes sense when you think about its natural habitat. I also 'dust' the leaves about every month or so as recommended.

19 Feb, 2021


Thank you for that link , I will check out the advice.

20 Feb, 2021

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