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Planted row of Daffs as photo. For several years now they come blind. Daffs in other parts of garden come good year after year. Why do some come blinb and if I dig them up and replant would they recover?

P1010318 P1010320 P1010321



Most common reasons for blindness are lack of food or too shallow planting or removing the leaves too soon after normal flowering time. Try giving them a really good feed with a foliage feed every 10 days or so until the leaves die down .

23 Feb, 2021


I agree this looks like lack of food during the growing phase. are they in a shady spot as that could also be a reason.

23 Feb, 2021


Thanks for comments. Have Owdboggy or Seaburngirl any further comments reference replanting bulbs in less shady spot and richer soil and when best time to do it?

24 Feb, 2021


Mark the place where they are when they are visible and then re-position in Autumn is probably best. BUT if you really want to dig them up, you could do it now as long as you take a big enough root ball without damaging too many roots.
Have to say that the ones in the images do not look to be in deep enough shade to cause the plants any major problems.

24 Feb, 2021


cant add anything else.

24 Feb, 2021


Thanks for comments. Will try one of the clumps to see how deep they are for starters and whether it's possible to move them now with minimal root disturbance.

25 Feb, 2021

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