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I have a fir tree in a container, and although I feed it with liquid all purpose fertilizer, I am wondering if I should use something which has been formulated especially for it? I note some of the fronds are browning?

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perhaps it may be a lack of water as it is in a pot. That is more likely than lack of food. Make sure it has plenty of water and don't leave it in a windy spot. Has it become pot bound? if yes then repot into a larger container.

3 Mar, 2021


Alas, it is far too big for me to re-pot. I do water regularly but would like to find, probably, better food for it

Thank you

4 Mar, 2021


Not sure its a good idea to feed in the winter. Perhaps it will green up now the growing season is approaching.

4 Mar, 2021


Actually I meant Spring feeding, since there will be very little nutrition left in the tub in which it has spent all its life, so far?

5 Mar, 2021

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