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Skimmia Japonica going yellow


By Staral

Turkey Tr

Our Skimmia Japonican (two of them) are losing their bright green leaf colors; they are getting yellowish. What should we do? By the way, we are having a very hot summer here in Turkey; lots of sun shine and no rain for weeks now..

On plant Skimmia japonica



They like acid soil so a feed with food for acid lovers might help. I've got a hot dry sandy garden and I lost two Japonica Skimmias. They just didn't like it. Hope yours does better.

22 Aug, 2008


Chris is right acid soil is needed or acid feed. also they are not fond of full sun, if they are in a very sunny spot you could also try moving them into semi shade instead.

22 Aug, 2008


we have a few Acer palmatums (japanese maples); one of them a Bloodgood. Although they look great in early spiring, their fine willows wither towards summmer; now they look quite miserable. However, we do not lose them and in Fall they get better..

Most of them get afternoon sun shine and we water them quite frequently.. They also get direct water from the sprinklers for the grass.

Shall we change their positions ?

Sel├žuk Taral

1 Sep, 2008


Your Acers won't like wet leaves if the sun shines on them when wet. If this happens the leaves will burn. Can you move the sprinklers away from them?

1 Sep, 2008

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