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When is the best time to plant dahlias? As far as I know they are late bloomers but the market is bursting with them now. I wanted to replace the tulips with these when they are done. Can the dahlias wait until end of April or should I get them in now? Would they bloom sooner if I plant them sooner? Also, what is the best fertilizer for them? Hope all is well. Thank You!




I usually start mine off in large pots kept in a cold frost free place about now. Size of pot tends to be about 2-3" wider than the tuber when laid out. When they have shoots about 2" long and all risk of frost has gone I then plant them out. Being lazy I often plant the pot too so that they are easy to lift in the autumn.

I use a good quality soil based compost with a small amount of slow release fertilizer mixed in it.

the danger of planting sooner especially after all the snow you have had is that the soil is really cold and wet and this will cause the tubers to rot off.

7 Mar, 2021


Excellent Eileen, thank You! I'll start them off in pots in the house. I just bought new grow lights for my tomato seedlings but I will put these under as well. We still have a looming threat of more snow and some of our worst winter storms have been in late March/early April.

7 Mar, 2021


I have put mine in pots in the greenhouse. I did it last weekend. I put them into new compost each year. I keep them in large pots so I can move them around the garden.

7 Mar, 2021


I have mine that were started from seeds under the grow lights, and they love it. I am much warmer, but don't plan on putting them in the ground for another month.

8 Mar, 2021


That's very ambitious Wyl to grow dahlias from seed. I do it with day lilies but I know they'll return next year. I generally loose my dahlias over winter. No matter how I store them, they turn to saw dust by February. Too much of a bother. Eileen, I don't bother lifting them at all anymore.

8 Mar, 2021


Last couple of years I have got seeds. Started by window indoors and then planted out once frosts finished and doing it that way, ended up with about 40 plants to add real colour to garden. During the growing season as they get older, tubers form under each plant.

8 Mar, 2021

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