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Has anybody ever tried to grow Hyssop? I'm going to try to grow this from seed for the garden. All comments, advice & suggestions are welcome. Can I expect to see flowers this summer?




yes I did over 30 yrs ago as an alternative to lavender. it did really well and the bees and butterflies loved it.
I used a soil based seed compost and started them off in an unheated greenhouse probably about mid March. When the seedlings had 6 true leaves I then potted them up individually and then by the end of May they were hardened off and planted out.
happier in full sun but can tolerate some shade and do better on freely draining soil. most did flower in their first year
Good blue colour too. Might give it another go this year.

9 Mar, 2021


I started off the seeds today just as you said. Hyssop is a juggernaut against the covid virus. Historically, it's been used for respiratory, digestive & liver problems plus numerous cu

9 Mar, 2021


I grew some from seed last year but only one really got going after planting out due to my heavy clay soil I think. That one did really well though, and made it through the winter.
I actually dug my solitary hyssop out of the ground yesterday and put it in a container. It looks a bit bedraggled at the moment but has new shoots appearing all over.

10 Mar, 2021


I've grown from seed a while ago, too, with no problems. I had very free-draining soil then and they grew easily in that.

10 Mar, 2021


Thanks for the comments. The soil here is damp & loamy. Everything seems to grow well - including weeds which will be the main issue.

10 Mar, 2021

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