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Potting up overwintered dahlia’s. Was just wondering when the right time is right to ‘wake up’ my dahlia’s? I’ve overwintered them in vermiculite in the shed and think I should pot them up or should I wait and plant them direct into to my borders? Just can’t remember what I did in previous years? Many thanks



I put mine into pots last week. Watered lightly and kept in the greenhouse.

I don't put mine into the borders until late May when frosts have hopefully gone. I usually bury the pot too it makes lifting them in the autumn easier.

13 Mar, 2021


Thanks, I have since potted them up & put them in my summerhouse.

13 Mar, 2021


depends on the size of the tuber. as long as there is 1-2" around the tuber that is big enough. by autumn the tubers will be almost filling the pot. They get taken out of the pots and kept dry and frost free usually in sawdust/wood shavings in my case.

I do a similar thing with lilies so I can put them where I want them depending on where I have gaps.

13 Mar, 2021

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