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Hi there; not posted for ages and can't see photos but always look at questions and learn a lot. My question is, are the dianthus cuttings I took last year, likely to flower this year? Where I place them next will depend on what you think.



It depends more on size than on age. Big enough plants will flower this coming season. My seedlings from last years seed usually flower the following season so cuttings should flower as they have a head start in size.
I have just begun hardening off the seedlings ready for final planting in a month or so.

14 Mar, 2021


yes they should flower. mine usually do the same season if I take them about now. Autumn cuttings flower the following year. I haven't grown any from seed for years now. I must have another go
. you have inspired me OWD.

14 Mar, 2021


Thankyou Owd and SBG. I think mine are big enough so I’ll give them another month in the coldframe then plant them out.

14 Mar, 2021


Dianthus seeds are one of the fastest germinating seeds that there is. I have had them germinate overnight after sowing.

14 Mar, 2021


That's interesting Owdboggy. Think I'll try seeds this year. They are so beautifully scented.

17 Mar, 2021

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