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This is a strange question.
We were out in the garden this morning. Down by the compost bins we have a number of bags which we filled full of leaves only a week ago. I heard a strange noise which i thought was our cat complaining but on closer inspection she was studying a bag which had fallen over and the odd noise was coming from that!
I didn't want to tip it up in case I disturbed the inhabitant. Hedgehog? Toad? I have no idea what it could have been but it was definitely upset by the investigating cat. Does anyone have any suggestions what it might be?



Frogs make a strange hissing / screaming sound when distressed and so do toads. They do sound cat like so I guess it would be one of those. Hedgehogs grunt in a lower register if you know what I mean.

not a strange question at all. all questions are valid, may be querky and unexpected but very valid.

14 Mar, 2021


Ange, you must let us know when you discover what it is.

14 Mar, 2021


I would not have been able to contain my anticipation and would have emptied it carefully .Ditto what Kate said let us know.

14 Mar, 2021


Whatever it was she wasn't keen to get in there and look for it. It didn't sound like the hedgehog noises I am used to. More like the sound a cat makes when it wants to remove grass from its gullet. But quieter. I'll see if there's anything still in there tomorrow!

14 Mar, 2021


Hope it wasn't a rat! It could have been a hedgehog which got caught up in the bag. I think you should investigate very carefully as hedgehogs are in decline.

15 Mar, 2021


Agree, I'd investigate gently and carefully

15 Mar, 2021

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