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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, when is the best time to take Rosemary cuttings?
Thank you x



Kate, I do not know when it is a best time but I took 6 cuttings last spring and just stuck them in the 6" pot each (no rooting agent at all) and they all rooted. I have a good luck with rosemary. Sometimes I just stick it in the ground near by and they grow. I am sure that there is a proper time and method when to do that but this has been my experience with rosemary. Good luck with yours.

14 Mar, 2021


I took 4 just today. Do you know how or do you need help with it?

14 Mar, 2021


Thanks kindly Klahanie and Eileen for your feedback, I recall how to take the cuttings but couldn't remember the best time. This helps me, thanks again!

15 Mar, 2021

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