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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i was given this packet(see pic) last year the seeds were mixed so i separated all three hundred into recognizable types ,ended up with 23 small piles ,it took hours lol,so planted in pots and very few came up. However some did ,so anyone any ideas what fruit they are see pics.Thanks.;)

Mixed_fruit_seeds Unknown_fruit_2 Unknown_fruit_1



I recognise many of the fruits but not the seedlings I am afraid.

23 Mar, 2021


Thanks sbg just found a pic of the seeds separated,probably wont help but hey ho it was better than watching tv lol.cant add the other photo is it limited to 3?

23 Mar, 2021


No its not limited, unless there are too many pixels, in which case reducing the size helps
As you can see most of the fruits in your picture are fairly exotic ones and need a heated green house. But it would be fun to grow them on and see what happens! Sorry I don't recognise the seedlings though.

24 Mar, 2021


Thanks yorkslass ,i will try size reduction in future,come to think of it could do with some of that myself !
Yes some of those fruits do look exotic,ive got some outdoor in a large frame and some in side so going to see what happens .Thanks for your help,stay safe all.

25 Mar, 2021

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