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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I've bought some dwarf wallflowers. If I save and sow the seeds will the next generation be dwarf or will they grow tall ?



that will depend on the genetics Hywel. If the dwarf are a pure genetic dwarf[rather than an F1/F2 hybrid] then yes they will providing they haven't been pollinated by any other height types.

Do you know what variety they are, anything on the label?

24 Mar, 2021


Interesting question. I have Erysimum Red Jep and am taking cuttings ... I just assumed they would be dwarf too.

24 Mar, 2021


Cuttings should be dwarf also, Sheilabub: they're genetically identical to their mother. When flowers are pollinated and seed forms, the genes of the seeds are all reassorted.

24 Mar, 2021


Thanks for your replies, I don't know the variety, there's no label on them. I'll sow the seeds and see what happens :)

25 Mar, 2021

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