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Is this fungus harmful? It’s growing next to the fence, the other side of which is a shrub that’s been allowed to grow into a tree. I can’t remember the name of it.
I’m sorry the photos aren’t sharper.

I’ve taken pictures as asked so I hope they will help. I am wondering if they’re more from all the wet weather than anything else. I don't know much about fungus though. Thanks for your help.

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We need a clearer photo of the fungus, including the stem and the underside of the fungus to see the gill patterns.

24 Mar, 2021


I’ve updated my question and added better (marginally!) photos.

26 Mar, 2021


well its not honey fungus which is good.
but I really don't know which one it is there are many that look very similar.

pick them up if you are worried about any one/animal eating them. wear gloves and pop them in the compost bin.

26 Mar, 2021


The other side of the fence and very close to it was a huge ash tree which was never fully removed and I’m wondering if it’s the roots of that tree which are breeding the fungus. Whatever, glad it’s not honey fungus - I’d hate to lose Gertrude Jekyll or anything else.

Thank you SB for your help.

26 Mar, 2021


I think you are right, we used to get these in our bottom lawn, however two years back my hubby and I managed to remove the long, remaining, rather thick roots that were all that was left of our willow tree, they were underneath the lawn, we had to dig down to find out why the grass wasn't growing, since then the toadstools have not reappeared....

26 Mar, 2021

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