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Happy Spring Everyone! Hope you have all dusted off your gardening tools and are ready to go!
Due to a bereavement, I have inherited a camellia as well as a couple of blueberry shrubs, the latter of which are in pots.
In potting on some of my azaleas, I have read that camellias and blueberries need ericaceous compost in which to thrive. I have not seen reference to this before as regards those. However, they seem to be doing OK as they are. Any input would be most welcome.



Definitely need Ericaceous compost. Most MPC composts contain lime which would cause chlorosis, ie yellowing leaves and poor growth on both Blueberries and Camellias.

24 Mar, 2021


I agree they need ericaceous compost. if you cant change the compost then use one of the feeds designed for Rhododendrons.

24 Mar, 2021


Thanks Owdboggy and Seaburngirl! I don't want to disturb these as they seem settled. However, I bought some ericaceous feed to start using for my azaleas and will use some of this on them. Thanks again.

25 Mar, 2021

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