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I have a Sundance Choisya, they say not to prune till mid June but I want to cut it right back as it is too big.
What advice can yo give please xx




Our neighbour did this is late April last year to his [1ft left standing] and it is beautiful this year. I don't think he had any flowers in the late summer last year but he does this every 5 yrs or so to keep it in a very small space.

if you have flower buds and you don't mind losing them then prune back in April if you can wait.

25 Mar, 2021


Thanks for the info Seaburngirl xx

25 Mar, 2021


I am not an expert but I have a choisya and have cut it back both before and after mid June. I also had one at my previous address and did the same. I have not any complaints from the current one yet! They tend to grow back very quickly.

25 Mar, 2021


I tend to chop bits off mine through spring to autumn, and have done it again this month and it has been fine. It seems to be quite resilient.
I've noted it does grow pretty quickly.

27 Mar, 2021


Oh! Well, I took the Bull by the Horns as the saying goes & I've chopped it right down to new growth so its got two chances LOL x

Added a pic of how it looks now I've hard pruned it :o))

28 Mar, 2021


I’m sure it’ll be fine! You got me remembering a patient of mine from a few years ago, Ladyessex. She used to say the same - two chances and it’s out. ☺️

28 Mar, 2021

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