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hello all,I have a lovely lilac tree at the bottom of the garden,my problem is there are lots of little ones all around, about 5inchs tall,are they growing from the tree root itself or self seeded,if from the root how do i trim them without harming the tree



Most likely they are suckers growing from the roots. Most Lilacs are grafted so these would not be worth keeping in any case. You need to trace back to the root and cut out the shoot with a little bit of the root otherwise any buds on the shoot would regrow. This procedure does little harm to the shrub as the root will soon heal over. Time consuming though as I know too well.

27 Mar, 2021



but that is really the only way to tackle it.

27 Mar, 2021


ty there is loads of them so im going to be busy hope the weathers nice

27 Mar, 2021


Sorry, but there it is. Been there done that so I know what it is like.

27 Mar, 2021


My mother used to to this every year...

27 Mar, 2021

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