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hello, can i please borrow someones brain, i moved here 12 months ago, and have inherited a huge clump of agapanthus, it had one flower on it last year, i have no idea if it will flower this year, the clump is about 2.5 ft wide what shall i do to make it flower again, desperate measures?



Divide it into quarters like a pizza. Now you have 4 agapanthus plants. I wish you can send me one. I love them. The clumps need to be divided every few years otherwise the middle never gets enough water/food/oxygen.

30 Mar, 2021


or if you like the big clump give it a good feed and plenty of water in the next month or so and then if it doesn't flower try splitting it as Bathgate suggests.

One of our council gardens has a brilliant clump about 6ft wide that flowers every year, but the do feed it.

30 Mar, 2021


good morning, ladies, i will divide it as only have a small garden, i wil send you some bathgate, when i have done it i will contact you.xx by the way ladies how do i feed it.

31 Mar, 2021


i use a slow release pellet or sometimes spare diluted tomato food.

Unless you have a phytosanitary certificate it us unlikely to get through customs in the USA.

31 Mar, 2021


Thank you so much for your generous offer Patricia, but I live in the United States and we aren't allowed to send live plants internationally. Maybe somebody else would appreciate a division. Thanks anyway.

31 Mar, 2021

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