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Any Narcissus experts of there?

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not an expert but i think top pic is narcissus tahiti second narcissus replete

1 Apr, 2021


Not sure it is Tahitit. that has a double layer of orange, one of which is between the double yellow leaves.
Replete has orange/pink inside does it not?
We wonder if the second is White Lion. though not positive about that either.

1 Apr, 2021


have a look at solar wind for the second one. it is yellower than white lion.

There are so many that I struggle to identify them. Even when I get them and they are labelled i often think why are they different.

1 Apr, 2021


Not that one. It is too modern to have been included in a mixed bag probably 20 years ago. It was only introduced in 1995.
There are an awful lot of cultivars.

1 Apr, 2021


yes its unlikely that they would have put a newish cultivar in a mixed bag. 1995 only feels like a few years ago but it is over 25 yrs ago. where has all the time gone?

i wonder if a few cultivars will be double named like the busy bees geranium. Cant remember what the RHS went for in the end.

1 Apr, 2021


Neighbour says that these Daffs have been in the garden for at least the last 30 years so they must be old varieties.
White Lion is from 1940 so that could be the second one as said. Still not found anything like the top one though.
the flowers have changed somewhat since I took the image and the top one now does look like Tahiti which was introduced in 1956 so could have been included in a mix after that.
Thanks for trying.

2 Apr, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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