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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hello, this isn't about gardening, but garden photos. I'm not able to upload them anymore.
Has anyone else had this problem please?
I've been writing a blog which saved ok, but when adding the photos, it just doesn't add them. It's very odd. These are photos from my phone camera.
Help please!



Many of us have had the same problem on and off for a while. The remedies are different but the main one seems to be to change your browser. However that didn’t work for me and despite in-depth googling I couldn’t solve the problem. Then suddenly it righted itself.
Not much help for you though, I’m afraid but perhaps someone else can help.

2 Apr, 2021


Arbuthnot is correct. I have the same problem trying to view members photographs. You need to change your browser as some seem to block the pictures. I find Firefox does the trick for me.

2 Apr, 2021


Janey, Shedman (GoY volunteer Dave) posted a blog letting members know the issue with missing photos has been resolved.

I did install Firefox for a while but am now able to access GoY pics without doing so. Good luck!!

2 Apr, 2021


how big are the images. for a blog they cant be bigger than 3mb but need to be 3kb in size. Perhaps they are too big.
when the page goes back does it say Photos couldn't be loaded or there were problems with your photos?
That's what I get if I forget to resize them.

Also try downloading your photos into a pictures file on your computer then upload them from their rather than directly from your phone.

Don't know if that will help but worth a try. Failing that use the 'contact us' tab at the bottom left and ask them.

2 Apr, 2021


Thanks so much for all your help.

I'll have to try a different browser. I had no problem for a couple of weeks as I've only just started using my phone to log into GoY and upload photos from it. I was using my iPad before, but the camera on it isn't too good.

Thank you Arbuthnot and Jimmy and I'll try Firefox.

Thanks Shirley, I'll check out Daves blog too..

Thanks Sbg, no it doesn't mention the sizing, it just won't install them. Strange as its been fine before.

Meanwhile, I'll install Firefox and see what happens..

2 Apr, 2021


Hi All, my phone is now coming up with low memory, but after deleting loads of stuff it's still doing that.
I'll see how I go.on with Firefox..

3 Apr, 2021


I hope you can access the photos soon Janey!

4 Apr, 2021


Thanks Shirley, it just won't upload them. It must be a problem with my phone.
I did the ladybirds blog fine, then it's now saying low memory. I've deleted a large amount from it, but still they won't upload.
There must be some answer to it.

Hope youre enjoying your Easter..

4 Apr, 2021


Janey, if you're anything like me with technology it may be best to consult a teenager!!

We drove to the seaside today but it was too chilly for me to take a walk - sat in the car watching the rippling waves . . . :o)

5 Apr, 2021


You're right there Shirley, so I asked my granddaughter and she suggested everything I'd done!
I used Firefox, but still no uploading.

I bet you loved seeing the waves though. I've just had a drive round with my granddaughter, we're each other's bubble and it was beautiful sunshine, then snow showers!

6 Apr, 2021


Snowed here last night for about an hour. Bitterly cold today - roll on warmer days!

7 Apr, 2021


We had thunder today Shirley, I got my grass cut and then it rained, our gardens will be so pleased..:)

9 Apr, 2021


Janey, one thing about living in this country - you can almost get all four seasons in one day!

11 Apr, 2021


We've had 3 seasons today Shirley, just waiting on Autumn!

11 Apr, 2021



11 Apr, 2021

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