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Mine is only just showing leaf buds and lives in semi shade. Is Philadelphus usually slow? I can’t say I’ve noticed it before.



The one of ours which is in shade has only just come into leaf, so the leaves are still fairly small.

2 Apr, 2021


Mine is still bare of leaves and i find the Clem alpinus is usually over before i get leaf break. But mine is in a shady cold windy place.
The one in the garden over the road is only just starting to show green buds.

2 Apr, 2021


The buds on mine have broken in just the last few days. Just needs a little patience - once it gets going it should be fine. I may well be a little milder here in the SW.

2 Apr, 2021


Thank you all. I suppose I noticed it being slow because last year spring moved along very quickly and blooms were up and over in double quick time. This year it’s a much slower process which I like better as it gives me time to enjoy everything.

3 Apr, 2021

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