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Hello, could anyone recommend a houseplant for me, please? I have a space in my kitchen/dining room where a basket used to hang. The basket itself is quite small (would fit a 0.5ltr pot) and the corner is a bit dark.

I'd love to have something that is trailing go there but most houseplants I have need more light so it's not suited to anything I currently have.

Any suggestions would be welcome! Thank you



Several of the ferns would be at home there. There's one known as Jacobs Ladder (I think its Polymonium something) which is great in a hanging pot and it is happy out of direct sun. Easy care too. My non gardening son had one in his bedroom in the 70s (I even borrowed a book on macrame and made the hanging and it lived a long time.

2 Apr, 2021


Polemonium is a jacob's ladder but it is a hardy perennial and not a fern. many of the semi hardy ferns would do well. So would spider plants [Chlorophytum I think]
Tradescantia and another one is the Goldfish plant but cant remember its proper name.

2 Apr, 2021


I thought I'd remembered that the fern I had was identified as Jacobs Ladder at the time. (Memory is quickly decaying alas)I now remember it was a Boston fern. Not much difference! (I do remember finding a real Jacobs Ladder growing wild in the Peak District on a limestone cliff. Very beautiful it was too. Since had one in the garden but its gone to glory now.)
Look at no 34 on this site - Boston fern looks like that.
There is actually another one called nephroleps pendula that has very long fronds that hang down a long way but its probably too big for what you want..

2 Apr, 2021


Thank you Seaburngirl and Yorkslass - I'll be looking at ferns, spider plants and that website. It'll be nice to fill that corner (the window sill is chockablock with plants - I just can't help myself). I'll keep an open mind on long fronds - it might suit!

3 Apr, 2021


Long fronds - wait until you've seen the pic...!

3 Apr, 2021


In a small basket, Nephrolepis obliterata 'Jester's Crown' would probably be a better choice of fern. Other than ferns, think about Heart Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum).

4 Apr, 2021

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