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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all just been on a visit to Gloucestershire to see my daughter (yippee been a while) and she has this plant that's popped up in her garden.To me it looks Mediterranean maybe? or a mutant weed, ime not sure so if anyone knows please that would be good.Thanks all.




Its an annual weed, commonly known as caper spurge - its one of the Euphorbias, so the sap may be irritant to the skin. Some people leave them be, others of us pull them out...

3 Apr, 2021


This plant is appearing a lot this spring. I have one for the first time in my garden.

3 Apr, 2021


Thanks Bamboo and SBG ,ive never had one pop up in my garden ,the leaves look quite unusual and interesting.I think my daughter will probably remove it as she has cats and a baby now and is in the process of sorting out her garden.:)

5 Apr, 2021

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