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Tulips not planted deep enough? I’ve realised that I haven’t been planted tulip bulbs deeply. Sarah Raven recommends 8”. The photo shows Princes Irene flowering this year for only the second time in 5 years. The first year wasn’t brilliant and since then, nothing. My question is, do bulbs move downwards so that they eventually flower?




yes many bulbs and corms have contractile roots that place them where they want to be. It will take a season or two to get it right.

3 Apr, 2021


Thanks SBG that makes sense. Must make sure I plant bulbsdeeply enough.

4 Apr, 2021


generally [though there are exceptions] plant the bulb 3x the bulb height down, so a 2" tall bulb would need a hole 6" deep and loosen the soil a bit at the bottom so the roots have somewhere to grow into.

4 Apr, 2021


It's fascinating that some bulbs have that facility to get where they need to be. Thanks for the info.

5 Apr, 2021

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