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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I used to have a Geranium Maderence which was a very large biennial, but it seeded often and I shared it with some of our GOU friends. I lost it many years ago and wonder where you can buy the plants from now if any one is familiar with this particular species I would be grateful I never see it in our local nursaries. I was given it origionaly by a friend.



Nice to see you Telme8. I have a large plant of it and if it is biennial I haven't noticed as it has been in the same place for years. I can see if there are any small plants and if there are i will post you one.
The hesperis you sent me years ago are still doing well and seeding gently through the borders.

7 Apr, 2021


Thank you so much seaburngirl, you are an old stolwart! lovely to see you are still there sharing your knowledge with us all. I did love that plant although the books says mostly biennial I had mine for a few years but a hard frost did put an end to it, and I had given all the young ones away. I'm thrilled yours is still surviving and the Hesperous I love it. im back gardening a little done tramendous work getting it back into shape since Wm passed away, but as lock down came in almost immediately it was wonderful for me, but my hip is slowing me down at the moment, awaiting x ray results, I fear what lies ahead but my garden is my best Dr.

7 Apr, 2021


If it isn't too bad tomorrow I will have a look for a young plant. Sorry the hip is giving you problems but I agree that the garden is one of the best Drs around.

7 Apr, 2021


I had one for several years but it didn't survive moving house unfortunately. I didn't know it was supposed to be biennial - nobody remembered to tell it...

14 Apr, 2021

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