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By Drc726

East Sussex, England Eng

Apart from hand weeding is there any other way with out using chemicals that I can get rid of lesser celandine its everywhere this year and coming up through establish plants? many thanks Denise.



Joining in to hear the answers - we have thousands. Very beautiful, very bright and cheerful , brilliant at spreading, but nevertheless you can have too much of a good thing!

9 Apr, 2021


Snap. Never found a way of getting rid from where it is unwanted, even Weed killer has little effect.

9 Apr, 2021


Sadly I don't know of anything except hand weeding. Then that isnt 100% effective at all.

9 Apr, 2021


This year they seem to have taken over in my garden. I pull them up in their clumps and sometimes manage to get the roots but I've a feeling that it won't make much, if any, difference next year. Is this a particularly good year for celandine?

9 Apr, 2021


Seems to be. The ones here are so deep it is very hard to get any of the bulbils from which the grow, out.

10 Apr, 2021


We have them, too. They're bright and cheery but a real pain as they spread like wildfire. I read somewhere that unless you get out all the roots and the tiny bulblets (impossible to see) then they will just come again. At least they do die down completely when they're done though so I think that's the best we can hope for.

10 Apr, 2021


thanks everyone

10 Apr, 2021


They have another trick up their sleeves as well as the little bulbils - when the seeds are ripe they are ejected quite a long way and germination appears to be excellent...

10 Apr, 2021


I'm comforted to think that I'm not the only one whose garden is swamped with these little jewels. I thought it was due to the fact that I can't do much hand weeding any more.

13 Apr, 2021


I spent years getting rid of ground elder and mares tail at least this weed is colourful

14 Apr, 2021

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