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By Piers66

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Are these both chives?

I inherited some pots from a neighbour when they moved, without labels. Two are 'chive-like'. The paler, thinner, taller of the two I was eating last year, and they're how I remember chives tasting in my youth(!).

Is the other pot (close-up below) just another variety, or something different in the onion family? I don't remember seeing it flower last year.

Chives_both_crop Chives_2_crop



Not sure but the left photo could be an Egyptian onion?the other photo chives.

13 Apr, 2021


well it is certainly an allium of some type. There are different types of chive apparently.

13 Apr, 2021


Possibly garlic chives?
The smell will be distinctly garlicy if they are. The leaves of those are much flatter than ordinary chives but its hard to be sure from the photo.

13 Apr, 2021

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