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By Tyke_uk

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please could someone id this for me please? And the growing conditions. Bought from the garden centre no label on it, and they were very honest and said they hadn’t a clue either . Many thanks

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It reminds me of Bog Rosemary [Andromeda polifolia] but the leaves are narrower than I remember mine being.

If it is Andromea they require damp acidic soils.

See if any one else comes up with a suggestion. Very pretty what ever it is and very honest of the gc to say they had no idea.

15 Apr, 2021


It’s . . . a lovely unusual small tree! Hope someone can help with an ID.

15 Apr, 2021


Thinking it maybe a wax flower couple of people mentioned on a fb gardening group. Looks very much like it .

15 Apr, 2021


Yes it does. I used to have that too.

15 Apr, 2021


My first thought was wax flower (Chamelaucium uncinatum).We used it a lot in floristry as a filler and I had one years ago in a very large pot. It lasted four or five years then I'm afraid the cold did for it. I believe it's part of the Myrtle family.

16 Apr, 2021


The waxflower I sold a decade ago had a much more open growth habit, but new cultivars have undoubtedly come out, since then.

18 Apr, 2021

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