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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

ok this is a follow up from my question "Fruit id please"for yorkslass, ime pretty sure they came from the seeds front row second from the right.
Apology for pic quality.




HI Jake! My word, that's a challenge! Racked my brains but so far all I came up with was passionfruit which sounds unlikely, but who knows... Right size and shape for avocado but they are black and shiny. You did a heroic job sorting them all out! have you got any germjnated yet?

19 Apr, 2021


Hi yorks ,90% didnt germinate ,i had three distinct seedling that did,ime 99% sure now one is a kiwi fruit after
looking at hundreds of fruit leaves on google , lol.The other two ime not sure one looks like a tomato leaf ,and maybe the other a passion fruit (i have some large passion fruit plants) and have compared the leaves and they look similar.Thanks for your thoughts .

19 Apr, 2021


I didn't know what the leaves of passionfruit are like but I recently ate a fruit and the seeds looked the same...
Anyway you have a task that should keep you occupied for a while if they all germinate!

20 Apr, 2021

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