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I thought this was a Corydalis solida, just with a broader leaf. Clearly it isnt. Any ideas?




Are there 2 plants here? could the front one be Ground elder?

18 Apr, 2021


No it is all one plant potted up last year as I was told it was Corydalis. I think the leaf is wrong for ground elder [well compared to what the ground elder looked like when we first moved here 25 yrs ago]. It is also about3-4 inches long. I will wait a little longer and then see what develops.

18 Apr, 2021


had a look this morning and it has a white sheath around the base where the leaves emerge. Now wondering if its some sort of angelica type thing. Those this leaf isn't right.
I am going to have to get my wildflower guide out.

19 Apr, 2021


Well it certainly is not any kind of Corydalis that I know.

19 Apr, 2021


I think it might be Smyrnium olusatrum common name Alexanders.
Does any one grow it?
its the best fit I can find. The thing is where did it come from?

19 Apr, 2021


a friend says it is Alexanders and when i was given a tray of young corydalis seedlings I will have assumed the small tap root was a Corydalis corm. That explains why they are where they are.
I have pulled up the 3 I had and they were all in compost so I had planted them. Ah well no harm done except I now have 3 spaces.

oh no I will have to go and buy something else to fill the gap! :o))

20 Apr, 2021

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