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By Moped

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone. All my Hydrangeas of which I have many, young ones, middle aged ones and elderly (like me) ones.
Every single one looks as though it is dying, leaves are shrivelling badly. I have never experienced this before with Hydrangeas, even though I've had the occasional bad year with some it is really odd that not one of them looks healthy. Anyone know what is wrong or can help me resuscitate them please.



If it is anything like ours it is purely and simply a lack of rain. Watering mine with a huge amount of water brought the leaves back to health.

20 Apr, 2021


I'd go with lack of rain, drying winds and frosts. They may also be suffering a bit of sunburn too. lots of water and a good mulch at their bases to help retain moisture.

20 Apr, 2021


Thankyou both for your replies to my question. I will certainly take that on board. I have been watering profusely over the last few days but the frosts we have had recently probably did the damage. Many thanks

20 Apr, 2021


Some of ours were completely leafless last Spring, they recovered and flowered just the same, if a little later.

20 Apr, 2021

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