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Hi everyone, I need a bit of help please, I have been given two dryopteris erythrosora brilliance ferns, they are in small pots , and have a very good root system, should I pot them on ,or would they be ok planted in the ground, thank you very much



Make sure they have been hardened off for a couple of weeks unless they have been outside. then just plant out where you want there.

Or plant them out and if frost forecast give them some protection.

21 Apr, 2021


Thats great Seaburngirl, I think they have been in a greenhouse, so to be sure I will take them in at night, thank you so much for your advice.

21 Apr, 2021


What a nice thing to have given!

21 Apr, 2021


Yes Yorkslass , I am very pleased with them, I hav'nt grown ferns before, so finger crossed.

22 Apr, 2021


Afterthought - they like to be in shade.

24 Apr, 2021


Thank you Yorkslass, I have a nice shady corner I can put them in.

25 Apr, 2021

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