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how can i store my newly dug potatoes in the dark i have a storage area but i can't stop some light getting to it. Will the hessian sacks that i have got keep out that little bit of light? I also have some plastic with holes in baskets to put the hessian sacks inside.



Hi Petitebabe, we just store them in paper sacks and make sure the top is rolled down after taking any out to keep them in the dark,as long as they are kept dry and in the dark they will keep well into next year just check now and then for any bad ones and remove them to prevent them damaging others.Hessian will let light in and plastic will sweat, good luck.

19 Sep, 2010


thanx very much i don't have any paper sacks. I have for now put them into the hessian sacks and shut them in my larder where they don't get any light i don't think that they will last long the rate my family eat! I was just hoping they will last a while!

21 Sep, 2010

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