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By Wammy

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When is the best time to move a Camillia from pot to garden. Been in pot a few years and never flowered saw last resort is to plant in garden




As it is in a pot you can do it any time as long as the ground isn't frozen. Dig a squarish hole at least half as big again as the pot. tease the roots out gently and then pop in the hole. back fill so the stem of the shrub is at the same level in the soil as it was in the pot. Water well for several weeks. [They establish better in square holes.]

Lack of flower bud formation is often due to lack of water in the late summer when new buds form. Hopefully now it is in the ground it wont be a problem,

23 Apr, 2021


I second the advice re watering. I moved one into the ground last year and forgot to water it and the result was one solitary flower. So even when it is in the ground watering can be important in the first season.

23 Apr, 2021


Thank you much appreciated

23 Apr, 2021


Just an observation, I have had camellias in tubs for years, Yours looks to be putting on large leaves instead of flowers, Do you feed it, I find mine need very little feed,

24 Apr, 2021


I feed it with Miracle gro camellia plant feed once a year

25 Apr, 2021


Some I think also take a while to flower, other flower young, do you know the name of yours. Water well when buds should be forming in Summer. Puzzle why buds have never even formed.

25 Apr, 2021

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