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I’m digging up crocus and want to replant the bulbs. Is it best to wait until the fall or plant them now. If I wait how do I store them.



Can't advise as to timings as you don't say where in the States you live. But its better to have them in the ground than trying to store them as they are such small corms. so I'd move them now, keeping any leaves they might still have.

23 Apr, 2021


welcome to GoY:
if they have leaves then they will have some roots so replant as soon as possible. As I have been weeding I have inadvertently dug some up and I replanted them as soon as that area was clear [within a couple of hours anyway].

even if they don't have leaves they are better in the ground where they can settle themselves and start growing again when conditions suit them. They are less likely to dry out and die.

23 Apr, 2021

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