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East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I have a solanum glasnevin, Chilean potato vine. It’s many years old. My friend came for lunch yesterday and she would love me to take a cutting for her...I’m not sure if I can?? Anyone able to advise please on best time and how to do? Many thanks x

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You can propagate this plant quite easily Kate. Take semi-ripe cuttings from late June to September. The cuttings should be about 3in long with a 'heel' of older wood. I'd put the cuttings around the edge of a small pot of multi-purpose compost, kept moist and in good light but not in direct sun. You could pop an empty pop bottle over it to make a mini cloche or pop in a poly bag to help retain moisture.

If you have any stems that reach the ground you could peg a bit down so that it roots.

24 Apr, 2021


Thank you so much, Eileen! I’m very pleased you’ve given great advice! I shall definitely be doing as you have suggested! I’ll let my friend know she will get some cuttings later. 👍😊

24 Apr, 2021

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