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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just been given two pot grown plants a clematis montana Marjorie which I want to grow up a redundant rose bush which has been allowed to grow into a tree (not by me I might add) and a Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight. As we live in Scotland would you plant them into the ground or grow them on in pots until the spring????



How big are they? I think if the Clematis is a good size, then it could be planted out, but I don't think I'd risk the Hydrangea.

See what other people think, though - my area is NOT like yours!

17 Sep, 2010


Both plants are about 18inches the moment both are in the plant house, recovering from their trip. We have insulation for the plant house for the worst weather, so I could keep the hydranea in a pot until the spring when the dnager of frost has passed.

18 Sep, 2010


As the Clematis is quite small, I'd pot it up one, in a tall pot, preferably, and also pot on the Hydrangea, and let them grow on in a sheltered position....As you're in the north, they wouldn't get their roots down enough to survive
being planting outside, I suspect.

18 Sep, 2010


Thanks, thats what I thought, needed to have it confirmed.

18 Sep, 2010


Good luck with them...:-)

18 Sep, 2010

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