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Is this damping off?

All my Morning Glory seedlings were doing well until suddenly they all started to fall over.

The roots appear healthy enough, but the stems thin and the plant falls over.

The picture shows the seedling which appears healthy enough except for the stem which is thin and withered.

There is no sign of fungus or mold.




does look like it.
the fungus will be inside the stem so wont be visible.

Had you pricked them out then this happened? If so did you just handle the seedling by its seed leaf and not the stem.

25 Apr, 2021


We used to use Cheshunt compound to prevent this but its on the banned list now. I have seen a suggestion to use copper oxychloride (which was the active ingredient) instead but don't know where to get it. Its sad though because it was very effective and I never noticed it giving off ammonia which was apparently the reason it was banned.

25 Apr, 2021


Not that one, Seaburngirl. I sowed a couple of seeds in a small pot and that happened. However, it has also happened with those pricked out. I only ever handle by the leaves. But I cannot swear that I have never had to hold one by the stem.

25 Apr, 2021


Thanks, Yorkslass. I saw your response on another message about the Chestnut compound. I had never heard of that but found it interesting.

25 Apr, 2021


I believe the RHS suggest stricter hygeine to prevent dampening off. Using sterilised soil, clean pots and cooled boiled water. As cheshunt is banned probably as it gives off an ammonia gas did work well though pity.

26 Apr, 2021


Thanks Alistair. I dn't use cooled boiled water - just tap water. But other than that, the compost is Leington's and the pots are either new or have been cleaned after previous use.

So it is a puzzle.

27 Apr, 2021


It happens Somhairle. Were the pots open or did you cover them? Just wondering if the air was too humid.

27 Apr, 2021


They were open, Yorkslass. I thought these would germinate in open trays and they did. They seemed to do well initially then started to fall over.

28 Apr, 2021


I tried once to grow them and they did really well untill I forgot to put them back under cover and the frost got them .

29 Apr, 2021


Well, they have not been exposed to the frost, Debsalison, but it has got a bit cold inside during the cold nights recently. So, I am not sure if that would have an affect.

29 Apr, 2021

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